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High temperature tape Series

Black Color Polyimide Adhesive Tape

Key Specification Key Specifications/Special Features: Features: Material: polyimide film-coated with heat-resistant silicone adhesive Due to stable press-sensitiv...

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PET green silicone tape

Applications: 1. used as masking protection for PCB and other relevant electronics under high temperature conditions 2. high resistance to heat and chemicals. good...

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Glass cloth adhesive tape

Applications: Glass cloth adhesive tape is with imported glass cloth as the basic carrier, and coated with silicone adhesive,and the total thickness is 0.18mm,It f...

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Kapton tape/Polyimide tape

Applications: Kapton tapes are made of polyimide polymer material, by DuPont® with a silicone adhesive backing. Kapton tapes are also known as high temperature...

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