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The Use of Polyethylene Glycol; Carbowax

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The use of Polyethylene Glycol 1500 (Carbowax 1500) is an excellent embedding medium for immunohistochemical studies. It provides structural preservation superior to frozen sections and increased sensitivity of antigen detection compared with paraffin sections. One limitation of PEG embedment is that PEG sections are difficult to handle and adhere poorly to glass slides. This article will share with you a simple and effective method to overcome those limitations.

Refer to:

Kuixiong Gao and James D. Godkin. (1991) “A New Method for Transfer of Polyethylene Glycol-embedded Tissue Sections to Silanated Slides for Immunocytochemistry”. The J. of Histochem. and Cytochem. Vol. 39, No. 4, pg. 537-540.